style me green: I’m a conflicted maximalist

Is this thing expensive, or am I just not doing it right? I want to but quality products and clothes that will last for a long time, which tend to run on the pricier side. It makes sense though, as these purchases will outlive anything you can find at the Gap.

This means I have to find clothing (1.) made from quality recycled textiles, (2.) made durably by workers with fair wages under good working conditions, and (3.) from a store with eco-friendly practices. Most of these stores are either online, local pricey boutiques, or secondhand stores. All which take a little extra time and care to find what you’re looking for.

Being friendly to the environment isn’t necessarily harder than being mean to it; being friendly just takes a different approach.

I want to minimize my impact on nature. So, naturally, I have to minimize the number of things I buy.

I really like clothing. I mean, this website was made to be a style blog. I had dreams of being one of those bloggers that only buys fancy pieces to take a few pictures in before selling it on depop. I spent my birthday money on pairs of shoes that I’d keep in boxes until the day I’d go to some pop-up museum downtown.

And I don’t regret that. I love my unique pieces. I am happy with what I own, and don’t need to add anything else to my collection.

I really feel like shopping right now.

Maybe I’ll be bringing a big bag of unwanted clothing to Crossroads soon. We’ll see.


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