style me green: eating out and guilt

I’ve been trying to take my utensils, starbucks tumbler, and glass tupperware in my car at all times. This means I have to wash anything after I use it, let it dry, and then remember to put it back. Sometimes the last step does not happen.

Many an evening will pass when I’ll be driving home and have a really strong craving for a frappuccino. But it dawns on me: I don’t have my cup! Should I get the drink anyway? Or, should I just skip the liquid sugar and make a smoothie when I get home? Yeah, that sounds like a better use of materials. It turns out that having an environmentally-conscious voice in your head at all times can save you money and calories!

On the other hand, my stubbornness against plastic has come to bite me in the butt–or, the stomach–when I don’t pack a dinner and am at school until 9pm. I have found that grabbing a sandwich from Starbucks suffices in these instances, although I do get tired of those after a while.

I cheated. I went to Waba Grill and got my food in a plastic bowl. I was really disappointed, but also really hungry. At least I used my own fork.

Should I feel guilty for putting an end to my hunger, if it means contributing to a problem that is much bigger than me?

I’m thinking about that a lot. I don’t know.


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