style me green: Out with the old, in with the package-free

IMG_5850I made my first #noplastic personal hygiene purchase! YAY!

I took a trip to Lush at the Santa Anita Westfield mall. Lush is a magical place. I’ve shopped there before, but never for normal items that I use daily.

And after using the bar for a week, I can honestly say that it is the BEST shampoo I’ve ever used. I was worried that it would cause my curly and frizzy hair to freak out because it lathers so much– but I love it!

Also, Lush and other stores will recycle plastic packaging (no matter where the packaging is from). I started a bag of empties, and I’ll bring this to one of these stores once it fills up some more.

I feel like I should take this time to clarify that this post is not sponsored by Lush.

On a slightly less enthusiastic note, I’ve been feeling really frustrated that I can’t just replace every item in my life with its Lush version. I think of the big bottle of face wash I have, and need to buy if I want my skin to look nice, and how every bottle I own of it will probably never get recycled and might end up in some ocean. So yeah, I tend to think in future terms.

Hopefully, if my fear of a dead Earth doesn’t completely consume me, I’ll be back for another update.


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