style me green: This is slower than I thought

I have so. many. products. contained. in. plastic. But they aren’t empty. I was really eager to get some fancy new eco-friendly items until I realized I was becoming a victim of greenwashing.

Greenwash: disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.

It’s a marketing ploy. Not only does it spread a false sense of environmentalism but it also makes us want to buy products we wouldn’t otherwise need.

In order to minimize resources, I need to finish up the products I already have. Being so quick to buy new ones while the old just sit on shelves completely destroys the purpose: to get rid of all the plastic (by recycling, of course–which doesn’t help too much, but that story is for another time). I am approaching the end of my shampoo, so hopefully I’ll soon be purchasing a solid shampoo bar! Other than that, my abundance of beauty, hygiene, cleaning, and etc. products has caused a waiting game.

And so the story instead focuses on a common human practice: eating.

For my recent birthday, I was gifted a beautiful set of bamboo cutlery, complete with a little case so they stay clean in any bag. This, along with my stainless steel straws, goes everywhere with me. Or, at least I want it to go everywhere with me. I’m having some trouble remembering to bring it places, in which case I’ll ask friends for utensils or just opt for eating like a dog.

I’ve included some pictures of my plastic-free meals thus far. Some chains don’t allow customers to bring in reusable containers. Some days I failed to bring my tupperware.

I feel far less guilty about using paper products because they decompose faster and are usually 100% natural. Using paper is not ideal, but more than often necessary to my lifestyle.

I feel good about my choices. Often times, I am ashamed at sounding pretention when I say “I won’t need that straw” and other members of my dining table awkwardly drink from their opened straws. But I remember that my embarrassment is not worth using single-use plastics. It is certainly not worth the life of a sea turtle.


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