style me green: Why I decided to cut out plastic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of straws stuck in turtles’ noses and celebrities denouncing single-use plastics.

All of this comes at a time where every necessity of a modern city life comes wrapped in a disposable bow. Think about it: dish soap, makeup, iPhones, bread. BREAD! Yes, the most basic of basics has to be sold in plastic wrapping.

What happens to these boxes after we put them in the trash? They don’t just disappear.

I lie awake at night, thinking about how every shampoo bottle, every toothbrush, every plastic fork I’ve ever used, still exists, somewhere. And then I multiply that by the world population. That’s a lot of trash.

So, how can we change that?

I want to use this project to make a lifestyle change. I am cutting plastic out of my life. No excuses. Welcome to style me green. I’ll be blogging my journey to zero waste. The victories, the challenges, the failures.

My days of staring at photographs of trash-infested oceans, on the verge of tears because I feel so helpless, are over. I can do something. I know this journey will take time, but I’d rather not see the end of Planet Earth.

I may be shooting for the stars here, but one year from now, my goal is to only use post-consumer material and have a trashcan only for decorative purposes.

This project, for which I will spend in-class time researching waste alternatives and reflecting on my obstacles, will make me a more conscious inhabitant of Earth.

Every “no straw, please” helps.




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