Museum of Ice Cream

This magical haven was everything I had hoped it to be and more. I started following the museum last summer when they were open in NYC, and I’d been dying to go ever since—I snatched my LA tickets right as they went on sale. It’s devastating that the tickets are so limited and in such high demand; so many people have been asking how I got in!

Anyway, this place showed me that heaven is real. Ice cream is my favorite food, so I had no problem eating the samples they gave to guests passing through the museum. (my favorite was the pancake ice cream sandwich!) I only wish I had a minute longer in the sprinkle pool—it’s hard to enjoy yourself while you’re trying to fit in as many instagram-worthy shots as possible in the 120 seconds they give you in there. At least the few fugitive sprinkles that fell out of my clothes when I got home made me smile.

 Top: H&M|Pants: Zara|Jellies: American Apparel


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